I’m back!

Wolf Siren here!

I’m sorry all my wonderful fans have been devoid of my company, but there has been a lot going on…

For a start, I went on my first (and hopefully last) camping trip.

I’ve never hated sleeping somewhere so much. My tent was cramped with the musty-furred bodies of my ‘pack’ and they snore something awful. We were away for a week, and the only things to change about me are the mosquito bites that now cover my legs and the fact that I have enough bags beneath my eyes to provide luggage for everyone who died on the Titanic.

Red and Silver never left me alone, even when it came to ‘hunting’ and boy did I throw up!

I’m not good with blood.

Don’t think I’ve mentioned that before.

Watching as they tore a deer apart…actually…just the thought…excuse me a moment…

Sorry, I’m back. The thought is enough to haunt me.

Red was my ‘loyal steed’ this time, but again he kept trying to nick my skin with his teeth until I booted him in the jaw hard enough for his teeth to crunch together.

Didn’t hurt him, though. He laughed at me.


He’s now banned from my room for a week after dumping me in a stream.

And now, I’m not entirely caught up with you…but I have something to ask.

Has anyone seen Dusky Howler?

I’d love to hear from you again, if you are out here.

How are you doing?

Did you change?

…why didn’t you comment on my last blog?

If you changed…do you feel any differently now?

Howl loudest, howl longest, be the bravest. -Wolf proverb.

Missed you all, wolf-fans!

Wolf Siren



Day…oh who knows?

Wolf Siren here.

Sorry for being so quiet, the wolves are stalkers and rarely am I allowed to sleep alone now.

I have something to admit to you all.

I watched a vampire die today.

Before any of you girls reading this ask…no, they are not like they seem in films.

They look like humans…but no human has that depth of hatred in their eyes, believe me. Dark pools of hatred and a cold fire.

I stared into its eyes and felt myself taken under by the glance…but the wolves saved me.

They brushed past me in silence, and I was left stunned and pale as they tore into the vampire. He didn’t have a chance.

I had jumped as the instructor spoke in my ear, so lost to the almost magical way the wolves looked when they attacked.

“You see, the vampyre has only one real defense- its eyes. As you saw yourself, a human is weak, very weak. You fell into his gaze, and had your pack not rescued you…you would have been drained and left.”

I’d shuddered as the pack flowed back over to me, their mouths bloodied as they flopped themselves around my supine form. I watched the skies for a while…or rather, I watched the moon as that was the thing that dominated my view.

Silver was beside me, and looking at me closely, she had swallowed. Her had coat rippled slightly and I trembled. Her teeth were bared and she took my hand in her mouth, pressing into my flesh without so much as a question…

…and a growled command from Red stopped her from bringing me over in one fell swoop.

I breathed a sigh of relief, I admit. I did not want to be a wolf…or at least, not yet. I was learning to understand wolf…

and no that’s not as fun as it sounds!

Right! Now we’ve had a message from Dusky Howler again!

Hi again, Wolf Siren.

It is but a blessing to have someone to talk to, to trust, and to share my doubts with. But no matter how much you trust them, it can never be enough in certain circumstances. There is always that small amount of doubt in your mind on whether they believe you or not. On whether you are going insane, or not. They say the truth is out there… but what truth are we looking for?

I don’t know if I blacked out or not. I just have no memory of what happened that night, or the few nights after. I found no marks to say I had been bitten, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t. We, of all people, know how fast the werewolf heals. Isn’t it said, that under the power of the full moon, wounds heal faster than the average?

As to your question, I’d love to say yes – take the bite, be a wolf and be free. But it is not so easy now for me to answer you in this way. At least, not until I can trace my movements, or learn the truth of what happened that night. We can tell you take the bite, or not to. But will our answers, our thoughts, persuade you to take it or not?

I’m not saying don’t… but I can’t say do, either.

Dusky Howler.

Dusky Howler

I haven’t heard that phrase, but as the wolves call me…I am a pup now to them. Surely soon you shall know what happens?

I’ve heard of Red and Silver talking about a need for the pack…

For the closeness of the other wolves.

I already feel that way now…and I’ve been here what? Less than two weeks.

Just answer the call in your soul, and remember I am here to talk to you!

I better go, the pack were showering before coming into my room.

Howl loud, everyone!

Wolf Siren


Day Seven: We have company…

Hey all! Wolf Siren here, once again, with some information for you!

Do not, for the love of whatever God you worship, think that garlic will stop a vampire.

They aren’t fooled by that! It takes a wolf pack to hunt the bloodsuckers down and make them pay for all that they do.

When someone goes missing, look for the details.

Busy streets are their favorite places to attack- no one notices it when a man is suddenly clasping the arm of a woman who doesn’t seem to object. Under the cover of darkness, the wolves claim that fear can be easily read as desire and lust.

Vampires, I have to admit, scare the bejeebus out of me. Just reading about them is enough to give me nightmares! And the fact that I missed two days ‘school’ just meant that I had to do two days catching up before I was allowed to join my ‘pack’ once again.

Now, on to my day…did you know that wolves are exercise freaks? No? Well I’ve learned that they are! Annoying, irritating exercise freaks. My ‘physical’ lesson today comprised of running about sixty laps of a four freakin’ mile track!

I was last in, in case you were wonderin’. Humans just aren’t the type to keep up with a four-legged beast, and even though I had help (my new, wolfy friend Silver allowed me to ride on her furry back whenever we were hidden from view) I still ended the run crawling on my belly, with my hands and knees grazed. My top clung to me where I had sweated, dried…and sweated some more. My tongue clung to the roof of my mouth, and when offered water…I downed it and promptly threw up.

Now, though, now I’m curled in bed with my laptop and my two wolf friends. They’re reassuringly warm, and thankfully my bed is just big enough for the three of us- but I had a comment here that…well. It confuses me just a little, but I thought I’d share it with you!

My Dearest Wolf Siren,

I happened to stumble upon your blog by chance, and what a relief it has come to be.

Like you, I must resort to sub posting – passing on information to you through any means I can find. Like you I have been so fortunate that I can count on someone who is sympathetic to my predicament, to our predicament. And as such, she has promised to pass this on to you, and any others that I might have, as faithfully as she can without putting her own life in danger.

I wish to state that I have been humbled thus far by your bravery and reporting standards as you risk life and limb to record your days in the Wolf Academy.  I know how difficult this is for you, and what you risk by putting the word out there.

I may…or may not be one of your fellow students. I cannot reveal the details as my life too will be at risk if I should state by which means I come from

For so long now, I have wanted so badly to be a wolf like them, to be able to run as a unit, to be free under the moon and stars. It is not a yearning that has encountered my being so lightly. I have endured the calling my entire life, yet withheld the urges to risk my life and take the bite to make me one.  But now, I must make a confession.

I fear I have made the wrong choices in life and must repent for them.

I fear the beast that I may become, despite the yearning all my life to be one them. 

You see, I went out looking for the wolf in the shadow of night fall on the worst night possible. 

Under the gazing eyes of the full moon, I stumbled out and prayed upon all prayers that I should become one of them.

I cannot say whether I was bitten or not, but as the new moon approaches, I feel the changes within my body.

I don’t know how, but I know now that I am not the person I once was. I don’t remember much about that night, or several nights after for that matter. It is but a blur in my memories when I try to look back.  

Perhaps in time, it will become clearer to me, that I may know which fate I must embrace in this time of uncertainty.  

If I may, I would very much like to keep correspondence with you, over this, but if you would rather I kept my distance, then I would accept that too.

It’s just… you’re the first… you know… person I’ve encountered who is somewhat like me. 

Whatever you may decide, I will be fine with.


Dusky Howler

Now…I don’t know what to make of this- but Dusky Howler well done for finding someone trustworthy! I understand they are few and far between in this world we have descended to! I’ve not heard of anyone bitten blacking out afterwards…but maybe they don’t want to scare me? Feel free to share what you can remember, and I’ll see if I can help you out.

This is a call out to all wolves, bitten and pure-blooded and humans who want to be wolves. Comment on my blog and we will discuss your issues! I want this to be a friendly place…so I’m posting a question for you all to answer, with reasons to back up your point!

Should I take the bite? 

As always, this is Wolf Siren, heading off to bed with two wolves at my side, and an insatiable urge to find out everything the Academy offers!


Day FOUR: Bloody Wolves…

Wolf Siren here again!

Sorry for missing yesterday…seems after my little fainting spell Red and Silver weren’t letting me out of their manky wolf sight…well. Apart from when I had a bath, but even then…there was that small sigh and grunt when one of them flopped against the door.

I was almost drawn to growling myself! Sleep wasn’t easy either…but on the upside, I was excused from classes…

…and so were my two wolf guards.

Did you know that wolves take up a lot of room?

I didn’t!

I threatened to skin them both, but even when they skulked and sulked until I relented.

Yes, I know. Some exposé I was writing. I was stalked by wolves that had no sense of privacy!

I decided, since I couldn’t get on the computer yesterday, I’d read ahead in lycan history.

Wanna know a secret? These ‘wolves’ are insane.

They were given the power to take human form by a goddess, who appeared to them in a guise of monstrous beauty.

Apparently she was a tall woman, bathed in a silver glow…but with the head and tail of a wolf.

Yeah. Crazy. Wolf proverb for this section was this;

Beauty is as deep as the heart in the chest of your prey. When it stops beating…it is no longer beautiful.

I didn’t understand wolf proverbs. Somehow, before I have to take the bite (unless I run away before then) I have to understand them.

Waking up this morning…oh god. I woke up with Silver and Red pushed against me…still asleep. But human. I shrieked, probably loud enough to wake the dead, and any vampires sleeping for the day.

It’s break right now! Will try and get on tomorrow to get the next section of this told to you!

And…what do you want me to find out about the wolves?


Wolf Siren


Day Two – Class is a B&*%h!

Wolf Siren here!

Hope some of you missed me, as I have a lot to tell you all.

Today was my first class, and boy is it hard. We do two classes a day- lycanthrope history and the then its shapeshifting.

For those of us who ‘want‘ to be bitten, we’re introduced to our pack-mates…while they are animals.

I can tell you now, there’s nothing scarier than having a mean-looking wolf on steroids sniffing over your body. And those eyes. It makes me shudder now to think about it. The shift isn’t as easy as it seemed whenever I’d seen it happen on the street.

Those wolves seemed to step out from a human skin, but when…let’s just call him Red…shifted, he shrieked like a banshee.

His bones cracked and skin tore like damp tissue paper before a rather red-coated monster collapsed panting. Even for a youngster, he was huge, his head coming up to my waist. As the only human in the group, it was just my luck for him to fixate those golden eyes with a human spark of intelligence backed by wolf-cunning on me.

I backed away, hands out like I was offering him a treat (and boy, did I feel stupid…I mean…that’s like the fake Red Riding Hood story the ‘wolves thought up to get their kin pitied for human-eating activities) and I could have sworn he laughed at me.

There must have been something wrong with me…I picked up a rock and threw it at him, even though everything inside me screamed not to.  He stumbled back when it cracked off his ribs, before pouncing at me.

I screamed then, like a little girl. This burly wolf jumps at me, his slavering jaws just mere inches from my face…and the bloody fool licked me. I kinda lost my fear of him then, though when shrieks echoed around me and those I tentatively knew underwent their own pained shift…Red stayed against me protectively.

Something called to them, dragged the attention of the wolves from me to the wilds of the academy. As one, with a low, eerie call, they took off. I wrapped my arms around my knees and rocked back and forth, even when a single call seemed to seek me out.

I didn’t see them again until it was time for ‘history’ and even then, I averted my eyes from them. I’d seen them as they were meant to be seen and it chilled me, sent a shudder down my spine.

But did you know that lycanthropes are highly religious? Well I certainly didn’t, for all those that are nodding their heads.

Apparently, a line of humans were blessed with the power to take to a wolf form- ostensibly to protect humans from *gulp* vampires. It made me shudder. Werewolves…yes. I could accept that, I had to. I’d felt the brush of fur and watched in horrified fascination as one of my ‘pack’ shifted painfully. But vampires? Blood-sucking half-demon, cursed to deal death…to people like me.

I didn’t listen throughout that lesson, I’m afraid. It was too scary; I thought of the disappearances and how the packs that roamed the streets had doubled in size and it made me feel sick…

Until all I knew was blackness.

When I woke up, I was stifling hot, grumbling and hitting out at the dogs which covered me. It was only when a tongue sleepily lapped at my chin that I paused. I had no dogs. My mother was allergic. I was too afraid to open my eyes, but a familiar voice rumbled out from beside me.

“They wouldn’t leave you, Miss. Siren. They were adamant that they’d be here when you woke up, but wanted you to feel the safety of the pack; so they took it upon themselves, I might add, to take wolf form so you were protected.”

Oh god, oh god. The headmaster was there. I stayed mute, shifting myself a little before growling as wolfishly as I could and thumping them on the shoulder. The lighter wolf, almost white in the cold light, I nicknamed there and then as Silver, and I remembered the only one with that hue of hair was female.

Just my luck that the other one was Red, and he prevented me from hitting him again by seizing my hand in his teeth.

Suffice to say, I hesitated. My eyes met with Red’s and I heard the headmaster move away, seemingly amused by our dominance battle.

I wasn’t allowed out that night, and guess what? As I write this, Red is sleeping on my feet, like an overgrown Chihuahua.

Talk tomorrow!

Wolf Siren


Day One…

Wolf Siren here!

So today was my first day in Wolf Academy…and did you know that they even let in humans who want to be a wolf?

I thought that was all a joke! Well I got something they call ‘The Lycan Handbook’ and it’s kinda weird. Just inside the cover is what they call a wolf proverb and it reads like this ‘A wolf in a sheep pen, eats but once. A wolf in a forest, eats often.’ But there’s no name. I looked around at the people around me- aged from 16 up to 21, and a lot of them nodded as though they understood it!

The first page was the easiest one to understand. It gave the school ‘rules’ in black and white, and they are as follows…

  1. Do not reveal the location of the academy to anyone. We may have come out to society, but we do not need to be vulnerable.
  2. Never attack your class-mates. They are as good as a pack, which means you will be assigned two leaders. These will be your peer Alphas and responsible for your safety.
  3. Your headmaster/mistress is your Alpha and the teachers are your Elders. Listen to them. They have a lot of experience with life.

I can see this being really confusing.  I’d just finished school for good (I’m 17, so you know) and now…I’m back in school. It’s a Boarding school, but mum thinks I’ve got a free trip away for a year…just hoping I don’t get bitten!

Wow. That thought made me shiver! I’d love to describe myself…but if they find out who I am, I fear I may ‘disappear’. Now, let me introduce you to my ‘pack’.

There are two red-heads, two brunettes and three blondes, though most of them apparently are guys. I’m the only human ‘wannabe wolf‘ in this group, but they seem nice enough. They’ve bunched up around me, leaving me standing out in the middle though…it felt like they were protecting me, and that…that was confusing.

Dormitory seems nice. I have my own private room! That’s a lot of fun…or should be!

Well! I’m gonna go before they catch me on the laptop posting this. Will update when I next get a chance, and hopefully then I’ll have more to tell you about!

For now, peace out, my fellow wolf-addicted fans!

Wolf Siren!