I’m back!

Wolf Siren here!

I’m sorry all my wonderful fans have been devoid of my company, but there has been a lot going on…

For a start, I went on my first (and hopefully last) camping trip.

I’ve never hated sleeping somewhere so much. My tent was cramped with the musty-furred bodies of my ‘pack’ and they snore something awful. We were away for a week, and the only things to change about me are the mosquito bites that now cover my legs and the fact that I have enough bags beneath my eyes to provide luggage for everyone who died on the Titanic.

Red and Silver never left me alone, even when it came to ‘hunting’ and boy did I throw up!

I’m not good with blood.

Don’t think I’ve mentioned that before.

Watching as they tore a deer apart…actually…just the thought…excuse me a moment…

Sorry, I’m back. The thought is enough to haunt me.

Red was my ‘loyal steed’ this time, but again he kept trying to nick my skin with his teeth until I booted him in the jaw hard enough for his teeth to crunch together.

Didn’t hurt him, though. He laughed at me.


He’s now banned from my room for a week after dumping me in a stream.

And now, I’m not entirely caught up with you…but I have something to ask.

Has anyone seen Dusky Howler?

I’d love to hear from you again, if you are out here.

How are you doing?

Did you change?

…why didn’t you comment on my last blog?

If you changed…do you feel any differently now?

Howl loudest, howl longest, be the bravest. -Wolf proverb.

Missed you all, wolf-fans!

Wolf Siren



One thought on “I’m back!

  1. Forgive me, Wolf Siren.

    I couldn’t respond to your last post, and have only just managed to reply now.
    I am well… or at least as much as can be.
    You see, my situation has become…. difficult, and compromised.

    I haven’t told you this, but in the past few weeks, I felt I was watched… monitored or something. Like everywhere I went, the eyes of strangers would be watching. I couldn’t be certain then, and didn’t want to place a greater strain on my… our… already complicated lives.

    You see this past week I have been… become a prisoner of sorts against my will. Not long after I passed my message over to be posted here, I was set upon by a fairly large group of disgruntled looking people, of all ages, on my way to the local shop.

    There was nothing I could do; they were far stronger than I was… their numbers too vast for me to run from. But the strange thing is I didn’t want to run. I felt it within me to… now this is strange… to lie down and roll over, to show I mean no harm.

    I didn’t though… I couldn’t bring myself to act that way, besides no sooner could I count them, had they moved, or multiplied… I couldn’t be certain. As I tried to count their numbers again I had a hood placed over my head and strange hands seized hold of my arms.

    I was then placed in the back of a van, those hands unrelenting upon my arms. I don’t know how long I was kept like that, or how far we had gone from town. But I could tell it wasn’t home any more.

    When we did finally stop, they escorted me out of the van and removed the hood covering my head. The sudden shock of new light, blinded me enough to refuse my permission to look upon the faces of my captors, but granted me enough to see we were in some run down suburban area, where no-one ever lived.

    Escorted like the prisoner I had become, I was near dragged and pushed towards the first building, thrown through the door without force to have me tumbling to the ground head first and landing on my hands and knees. It was here they began to talk, to snigger, to whisper, but through my own fears I could make nothing out.

    I was petrified, frozen solid to the ground, until two pairs of seriously massive hands hoisted me up and near carried me to the far room with a single bed and nothing else….

    Darn, here they come again. If it wasn’t for phones, I’d never get this to you. I sure do hope it reaches you in good stead.
    Pray for me.

    Dusky Howler

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