Day…oh who knows?

Wolf Siren here.

Sorry for being so quiet, the wolves are stalkers and rarely am I allowed to sleep alone now.

I have something to admit to you all.

I watched a vampire die today.

Before any of you girls reading this ask…no, they are not like they seem in films.

They look like humans…but no human has that depth of hatred in their eyes, believe me. Dark pools of hatred and a cold fire.

I stared into its eyes and felt myself taken under by the glance…but the wolves saved me.

They brushed past me in silence, and I was left stunned and pale as they tore into the vampire. He didn’t have a chance.

I had jumped as the instructor spoke in my ear, so lost to the almost magical way the wolves looked when they attacked.

“You see, the vampyre has only one real defense- its eyes. As you saw yourself, a human is weak, very weak. You fell into his gaze, and had your pack not rescued you…you would have been drained and left.”

I’d shuddered as the pack flowed back over to me, their mouths bloodied as they flopped themselves around my supine form. I watched the skies for a while…or rather, I watched the moon as that was the thing that dominated my view.

Silver was beside me, and looking at me closely, she had swallowed. Her had coat rippled slightly and I trembled. Her teeth were bared and she took my hand in her mouth, pressing into my flesh without so much as a question…

…and a growled command from Red stopped her from bringing me over in one fell swoop.

I breathed a sigh of relief, I admit. I did not want to be a wolf…or at least, not yet. I was learning to understand wolf…

and no that’s not as fun as it sounds!

Right! Now we’ve had a message from Dusky Howler again!

Hi again, Wolf Siren.

It is but a blessing to have someone to talk to, to trust, and to share my doubts with. But no matter how much you trust them, it can never be enough in certain circumstances. There is always that small amount of doubt in your mind on whether they believe you or not. On whether you are going insane, or not. They say the truth is out there… but what truth are we looking for?

I don’t know if I blacked out or not. I just have no memory of what happened that night, or the few nights after. I found no marks to say I had been bitten, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t. We, of all people, know how fast the werewolf heals. Isn’t it said, that under the power of the full moon, wounds heal faster than the average?

As to your question, I’d love to say yes – take the bite, be a wolf and be free. But it is not so easy now for me to answer you in this way. At least, not until I can trace my movements, or learn the truth of what happened that night. We can tell you take the bite, or not to. But will our answers, our thoughts, persuade you to take it or not?

I’m not saying don’t… but I can’t say do, either.

Dusky Howler.

Dusky Howler

I haven’t heard that phrase, but as the wolves call me…I am a pup now to them. Surely soon you shall know what happens?

I’ve heard of Red and Silver talking about a need for the pack…

For the closeness of the other wolves.

I already feel that way now…and I’ve been here what? Less than two weeks.

Just answer the call in your soul, and remember I am here to talk to you!

I better go, the pack were showering before coming into my room.

Howl loud, everyone!

Wolf Siren



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