Day Seven: We have company…

Hey all! Wolf Siren here, once again, with some information for you!

Do not, for the love of whatever God you worship, think that garlic will stop a vampire.

They aren’t fooled by that! It takes a wolf pack to hunt the bloodsuckers down and make them pay for all that they do.

When someone goes missing, look for the details.

Busy streets are their favorite places to attack- no one notices it when a man is suddenly clasping the arm of a woman who doesn’t seem to object. Under the cover of darkness, the wolves claim that fear can be easily read as desire and lust.

Vampires, I have to admit, scare the bejeebus out of me. Just reading about them is enough to give me nightmares! And the fact that I missed two days ‘school’ just meant that I had to do two days catching up before I was allowed to join my ‘pack’ once again.

Now, on to my day…did you know that wolves are exercise freaks? No? Well I’ve learned that they are! Annoying, irritating exercise freaks. My ‘physical’ lesson today comprised of running about sixty laps of a four freakin’ mile track!

I was last in, in case you were wonderin’. Humans just aren’t the type to keep up with a four-legged beast, and even though I had help (my new, wolfy friend Silver allowed me to ride on her furry back whenever we were hidden from view) I still ended the run crawling on my belly, with my hands and knees grazed. My top clung to me where I had sweated, dried…and sweated some more. My tongue clung to the roof of my mouth, and when offered water…I downed it and promptly threw up.

Now, though, now I’m curled in bed with my laptop and my two wolf friends. They’re reassuringly warm, and thankfully my bed is just big enough for the three of us- but I had a comment here that…well. It confuses me just a little, but I thought I’d share it with you!

My Dearest Wolf Siren,

I happened to stumble upon your blog by chance, and what a relief it has come to be.

Like you, I must resort to sub posting – passing on information to you through any means I can find. Like you I have been so fortunate that I can count on someone who is sympathetic to my predicament, to our predicament. And as such, she has promised to pass this on to you, and any others that I might have, as faithfully as she can without putting her own life in danger.

I wish to state that I have been humbled thus far by your bravery and reporting standards as you risk life and limb to record your days in the Wolf Academy.  I know how difficult this is for you, and what you risk by putting the word out there.

I may…or may not be one of your fellow students. I cannot reveal the details as my life too will be at risk if I should state by which means I come from

For so long now, I have wanted so badly to be a wolf like them, to be able to run as a unit, to be free under the moon and stars. It is not a yearning that has encountered my being so lightly. I have endured the calling my entire life, yet withheld the urges to risk my life and take the bite to make me one.  But now, I must make a confession.

I fear I have made the wrong choices in life and must repent for them.

I fear the beast that I may become, despite the yearning all my life to be one them. 

You see, I went out looking for the wolf in the shadow of night fall on the worst night possible. 

Under the gazing eyes of the full moon, I stumbled out and prayed upon all prayers that I should become one of them.

I cannot say whether I was bitten or not, but as the new moon approaches, I feel the changes within my body.

I don’t know how, but I know now that I am not the person I once was. I don’t remember much about that night, or several nights after for that matter. It is but a blur in my memories when I try to look back.  

Perhaps in time, it will become clearer to me, that I may know which fate I must embrace in this time of uncertainty.  

If I may, I would very much like to keep correspondence with you, over this, but if you would rather I kept my distance, then I would accept that too.

It’s just… you’re the first… you know… person I’ve encountered who is somewhat like me. 

Whatever you may decide, I will be fine with.


Dusky Howler

Now…I don’t know what to make of this- but Dusky Howler well done for finding someone trustworthy! I understand they are few and far between in this world we have descended to! I’ve not heard of anyone bitten blacking out afterwards…but maybe they don’t want to scare me? Feel free to share what you can remember, and I’ll see if I can help you out.

This is a call out to all wolves, bitten and pure-blooded and humans who want to be wolves. Comment on my blog and we will discuss your issues! I want this to be a friendly place…so I’m posting a question for you all to answer, with reasons to back up your point!

Should I take the bite? 

As always, this is Wolf Siren, heading off to bed with two wolves at my side, and an insatiable urge to find out everything the Academy offers!



6 thoughts on “Day Seven: We have company…

  1. Hi again, Wolf Siren.

    It is but a blessing to have someone to talk to, to trust, and to share my doubts with. But no matter how much you trust them, it can never be enough in certain circumstances. There is always that small amount of doubt in your mind on whether they believe you or not. On whether you are going insane, or not. They say the truth is out there… but what truth are we looking for?

    I don’t know if I blacked out or not. I just have no memory of what happened that night, or the few nights after. I found no marks to say I had been bitten, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t. We, of all people, know how fast the werewolf heals. Isn’t it said, that under the power of the full moon, wounds heal faster than the average?

    As to your question, I’d love to say yes – take the bite, be a wolf and be free. But it is not so easy now for me to answer you in this way. At least, not until I can trace my movements, or learn the truth of what happened that night. We can tell you take the bite, or not to. But will our answers, our thoughts, persuade you to take it or not?

    I’m not saying don’t… but I can’t say do, either.

    Dusky Howler.

  2. I have always had an affinity to dogs and wolves and would love to be able to run free in the mountains of my beloved Wyoming but to become wolf at my age is probably not the best idea I’ve ever had. I would like to know more people in the same predicament as me though. I do not share my secrets lightly because I learned a long time ago that most humans cannot be trusted and the at the first opportunity they will betray that trust. I hope we can all find what we are looking for.
    Lady Wolf.

    • Well done for speaking out, Lady Wolf!

      I’m led to believe that age doesn’t matter in terms of being changed, however you would need to speak to your local pack Alpha…

      Wolf Siren

      • Unfortunately I have been unable to locate a local pack. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places or we just don’t have one here. I think there is a pack up around Flagstaff but without transportation I am unable to know for sure. But I will keep looking and maybe one day they will find me.

      • If I could tell you where the pack is, Lady Wolf, then I would- sadly I’m bound by a code of secrecy that would see my throat ripped out should I blab. However, keep looking, keep calling and maybe, one day, they will come to you…I know my saviors will when I need them.

        Wolf Siren

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