Day FOUR: Bloody Wolves…

Wolf Siren here again!

Sorry for missing yesterday…seems after my little fainting spell Red and Silver weren’t letting me out of their manky wolf sight…well. Apart from when I had a bath, but even then…there was that small sigh and grunt when one of them flopped against the door.

I was almost drawn to growling myself! Sleep wasn’t easy either…but on the upside, I was excused from classes…

…and so were my two wolf guards.

Did you know that wolves take up a lot of room?

I didn’t!

I threatened to skin them both, but even when they skulked and sulked until I relented.

Yes, I know. Some exposé I was writing. I was stalked by wolves that had no sense of privacy!

I decided, since I couldn’t get on the computer yesterday, I’d read ahead in lycan history.

Wanna know a secret? These ‘wolves’ are insane.

They were given the power to take human form by a goddess, who appeared to them in a guise of monstrous beauty.

Apparently she was a tall woman, bathed in a silver glow…but with the head and tail of a wolf.

Yeah. Crazy. Wolf proverb for this section was this;

Beauty is as deep as the heart in the chest of your prey. When it stops beating…it is no longer beautiful.

I didn’t understand wolf proverbs. Somehow, before I have to take the bite (unless I run away before then) I have to understand them.

Waking up this morning…oh god. I woke up with Silver and Red pushed against me…still asleep. But human. I shrieked, probably loud enough to wake the dead, and any vampires sleeping for the day.

It’s break right now! Will try and get on tomorrow to get the next section of this told to you!

And…what do you want me to find out about the wolves?


Wolf Siren



2 thoughts on “Day FOUR: Bloody Wolves…

  1. My Dearest Wolf Siren,

    I happened to stumble upon your blog by chance, and what a relief it has come to be.

    Like you, I must resort to sub posting – passing on information to you through any means I can find. Like you I have been so fortunate that I can count on someone who is sympathetic to my predicament, to our predicament. And as such, she has promised to pass this on to you, and any others that I might have, as faithfully as she can without putting her own life in danger.

    I wish to state that I have been humbled thus far by your bravery and reporting standards as you risk life and limb to record your days in the Wolf Academy. I know how difficult this is for you, and what you risk by putting the word out there.

    I may…or may not be one of your fellow students. I cannot reveal the details as my life too will be at risk if I should state by which means I come from

    For so long now, I have wanted so badly to be a wolf like them, to be able to run as a unit, to be free under the moon and stars. It is not a yearning that has encountered my being so lightly. I have endured the calling my entire life, yet withheld the urges to risk my life and take the bite to make me one. But now, I must make a confession.

    I fear I have made the wrong choices in life and must repent for them.

    I fear the beast that I may become, despite the yearning all my life to be one them.

    You see, I went out looking for the wolf in the shadow of night fall on the worst night possible. Under the gazing eyes of the full moon, I stumbled out and prayed upon all prayers that I should become one of them.

    I cannot say whether I was bitten or not, but as the new moon approaches, I feel the changes within my body.

    I don’t know how, but I know now that I am not the person I once was.

    I don’t remember much about that night, or several nights after for that matter. It is but a blur in my memories when I try to look back.

    Perhaps in time, it will become clearer to me, that I may know which fate I must embrace in this time of uncertainty.

    If I may, I would very much like to keep correspondence with you, over this, but if you would rather I kept my distance, then I would accept that too.

    It’s just… you’re the first… you know… person I’ve encountered who is somewhat like me.

    Whatever you may decide, I will be fine with.

    Dusky Howler

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