The low-down…

So this is my blog…I’m afraid I can’t give you my name, but what I can do is give you something to call me by…hmm…now what to call me…

How about…Wolf Siren*. That’s how I’ll sign off all my posts…since I have a story to tell you that you won’t believe…but for an idea on what ┬áthis is about…why not think back to the moment the ‘werewolves’ or the ‘lycanthropes’, as they like to be called, came out. No one had an idea where they came from, did they?

Well yours truly found a little something that may, or may not, be a werewolf yearbook…from the ever so fabulous and secret Werewolf Academy.

Hold onto your hats, because I’m going in!

Wolf Siren!

*Note- My name is not Wolf Siren, and any mention of my name is edited. Just as the person posting this blog is not me!


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